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One of the most lavish ways to decorate your kitchen interior is to invest in a white marble kitchen bench top. Having a lush look and feel, marble benchtops can take your interior to the next level. But what if your marble benchtops have become old? Well, in that case, you can change the colour of your old kitchen countertop. Though the natural shade of marble can’t be chemically altered, it gets the job done in most cases. The process is known as marble countertop painting.

But should you paint your old kitchen benchtops? Let’s find that out in the following blog.

So, what is marble kitchen bench top painting?

Most people tend to replace their old marble kitchen bench top with a new one. But it isn’t at all logical. Instead of doing that, you can just paint your old kitchen benchtop. A good renewal process won’t only change the look of your entire cabinetry but also give a new appeal to your kitchen.

Marble is one of the most elegant and luxurious-looking natural stones. Alongside how expensive are the marble benchtops, most people get fond of the old kitchen benchtops. Well, painting them is one of the best ways to glam them up. The process is called marble countertop painting.

There’re a lot of paints out there. Among them, chalk paints are the popular choice for painting your marble kitchen bench top. It takes less preparation time, offering a matte finish on the marble surface. For a glossy look, you can opt for epoxy paints for your marble benchtops.

Unlike traditional painting, you don’t need to buy a can of coloured liquid and a brush to paint your marble kitchen bench top. All you’ll need is a high-quality coating that’s enough to withstand the water and heat.

How can you paint your old marble kitchen bench top?

Now that you’re aware of all the facts of marble countertop painting, it’s time to paint your marble benchtop. It’s an easy process where you can do it yourself. Yet, for better results, you should contact a professional stonemason to paint your marble benchtop.

Wondering how to do it? Well, here’s a step-by-step guide from stone experts,

1. First, you should try removing the silicone caulking from the marble surface and cleaning it with rubbing alcohol to remove the dirt and dust.

2. Then take a gentle scrubbing pad to scrub your marble kitchen bench top with degreasing soap and rinse the area with clean water.

3. Take a sandpaper to abrade the surface of your marble benchtop. Gently sand down your marble benchtop and be sure not to miss the corners or small spots on it. On another note, you can also use an electric sander for the same. It’ll take less time to sand the surface and you can start applying the paint faster. Experts suggest using chemical etching products can also do the work. But you should follow the instructions from the manufacturer to prevent any permanent damage.

4. Once you’ve cleaned your marble kitchen bench top, move to the next process. Check the areas you don’t want to paint on your marble top. Mask them OFF with a plastic covering and painter’s tape.

5. Now apply a high-quality primer that’s compatible with your chosen coating generously on the surface of your marble counter. Leave it like that for a few hours to allow the primer to sit on the stone surface and dry completely.

6. Last, get the specialised marble countertop paint and apply it generously on the surface of your marble benchtop. But be sure to discuss with a professional stonemason before taking one for your marble countertop. Also, ensure not to leave any noticeable brush strokes on your painted marble benchtop.

7. Once everything is done, seal your new marble benchtop to protect it from accidental spills and stains.

Wondering what to do with your old marble kitchen bench top? Well, painting it can make it new and save you money. All you’ll have to do is contact a professional stonemason for that. We hope this blog can help you with that.

Author Bio: The Author is a proficient stonemason. For years, he’s helped many people find the right marble kitchen bench tops for their interiors. He’s also written many articles and blogs on the same.

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