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Family caregivers can sometimes experience a huge range of emotions ranging from anxiety to depression, grief, and anger. When the negative and positive emotions revolve around in the head, the problem can experience mixed feeling. Here are a few things to know about for family caregivers if they have ever experienced mixed emotions.

Encounter the Conflict of Caregiving

Many family caregivers have lifelong dreams which they shatter because they are always busy caring for their elderly loved one which may lead to conflicting feelings. Every family caregiver wants to provide the best care to their senior loved one, however, knowing they are giving up on their lifelong dream. You may feel extremely depressed, sad, or anxious if you give up on your dreams while caring for a senior loved one. Rather try to change the combat the conflict within so you can live a simple life as a caregiver.
Feeling overwhelmed or confused with your caregiving responsibilities can cause conflicting feelings in you. Columbia home care expert can help seniors and their families live a comfortable life at home. Professionally trained caregivers can assist seniors to accomplish daily tasks such as mobility, transportation, meal preparation, or incontinence.

Accept Varying Emotions

To stave off mixed feelings, family caregivers have to understand the job may bring out a large variety of emotions. Feeling angry or stressed at times can be common among new family caregivers. It is quite natural caregiving can increase the risk of boredom or exhaustion and it is necessary to accept it rather than neglecting it. Avoid trying to curse yourself or practice negative self-talk.

Don’t Avoid Conflicting Feelings about Your Senior Loved One

Family caregivers can have a certain type of relationship with their senior loved one before they become his or her in-home caregiver. You might have a love-hate relationship with your senior loved one which is common in many relationships. Caregivers might experience both positive and negative feelings which are normal. Sometimes family caregivers can be filled with intense emotions of anger or love and start remembering their past relationship with their senior loved one. Family caregivers can feel resentment, as previous afflictions merges with the reality of in-home caregiving. Don’t allow adverse emotions affect your mental health and try to control it without feeling self-recrimination.

Allow Emotions be the Guide

Often mixed feelings can become overwhelming without family caregivers noticing it. You might raise your tone without observing it when interacting with your elderly loved one. If it occurs to you at any given moment, you have to acknowledge it. Family caregivers have to practice mindfulness or discover an emotional escape which includes sleeping for adequate hours. It is better to accept the reality and allow it to provide guidance.

When it comes to home care Columbia family caregivers can receive much needed help by considering expert home care. Respite caregivers can be of great help to seniors who need care and support.

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