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Plot size as per Vastu ShastraIt is every person’s dream to buy a good house for himself, for which he works hard day and night. But many times his dream house becomes the cause of his ruin. This happens because a person does not study the rules of Vastu Shastra while buying a house, due to which he has to experience problems. Vastu Shastra tips for buying plots whenever you buy a plot for yourself, then definitely study the principles of Vastu. With the help of Vastu principles, you can avoid problems arising from Vastu defects. However, purchasing a Vaastu-compatible plot for yourself is a challenging task. Let us tell you that a plot is a space where you can build your house, factory, shop, etc. Buying a plot and running your business there is like starting a new journey in life.

If you choose a plot according to Vastu principles, it can prove to be very beneficial in your life. This will bring happiness, prosperity, and success in your life, and you will also be able to increase your income. That is why choosing the plot according to Vastu Shastra is very important. All these things are very important for your plot, so you should assess the plot per Vastu Shastra’s guidelines. People check the legal documents carefully while purchasing a plot. After purchasing the plot, we pay attention to the rules of Vastu Shastra. This method is not suitable for buying a plot. If you want to know more about Vastu Shastra tips for buying plots online astrology consultation will help you.

Plot size as per Vastu Shastra

Square Plot: According to Vastu, a square plot is considered good for commercial and residential purposes. Also, there is no incomplete corner of a square plot, which is considered very lucky as per Vastu. You should choose a north-east east-facing or north-facing square-shaped plot for more benefits.

Rectangular Plot: Rectangular or rectangular plots provide completeness to your residential accommodation or business location. According to Vastu Shastra, a property having a north or south slope is good. For maximum benefits, rectangular plots with a length-to-width ratio of 1:2 or less should be selected.

Triangular Plot: This type of plot is not considered auspicious, because it attracts negative energy, which is not good for the plot.

Vastu Tips for Plot Size

Avoid purchasing pieces of land that are oddly shaped, such as L-shaped, triangular, circular, semi-circular, or oval. Always prefer plots that are rectangular or square. It is said that such plots invite prosperity and well-being.

A pot-shaped plot should be purchased only after consulting Vastu experts, who can study the directions and give you the best opinion.

Gaumukhi or Gaumukhi plot is considered very auspicious for building a house. Such plots are narrow from the front and wide from the back. However, ensure that the roads are on the south and west sides of the plot.

If you are buying a plot for the construction of a commercial building then buying a Shermukhi plot or Singhmukhi plot is considered very auspicious. These plots are wide from the front and narrow from the back. Roads should pass through the northern and eastern sides of the plot.

Vastu tips for surroundings of plots

The plot should not be near temples as people (followers and visitors) bring a lot of negative energy, which can flow inside your house as well.

There should not be any big trees around your plot, as removing them will be very inauspicious and you will have to get permission from the government to remove them.

The electric pole should not be in the northeast corner of the plot as it is a place of water.
The entrance of the plot should be in the north or east direction. If the entrance of the plot is in the southern direction, consult your local priest.

Vastu tips for buying a plot

Avoid purchasing such a plot if the soil smells of rotting matter. Also, if the plot is full of rocks, insects, thorns, bones, or other inauspicious substances, it is better to avoid such land.
If things like cow horns, conch shells, turtles, copper, gravel, bricks, etc. However, it is inauspicious to find items such as cowries, tiles, torn clothes, coal, iron, lead, gold, gems, and crude oil.
The plot should not be next to a cemetery or hospital.
Avoid plots that are between two large buildings.
Rivers in the south of the plot and mountains in the north are considered inauspicious.
Corner plots and plots covered with green vegetation are considered auspicious.
Plots surrounded by roads coming from all directions are good for commercial purposes.

Some other tips for buying a house, flat, or plot

For buying a plot, Vastu suggests that triangular, diamond, and L-shaped plots are not auspicious and hence should not be bought.

Vaastu’s tips for buying a plot state that plots that are cut at the corner or take the shape of a headless body should also be avoided.

According to Vastu, expansion in some parts of the land in the north-west direction is not considered good for buying a house. They may cause a loss of fortune or money. On the contrary, expansion in the northeast direction is also said to be the bearer of wealth, happiness, and fame.

According to Vastu for Home or Vastu tips for buying a house, try to avoid plots that have a hump in the center as they are sloping on all sides. A good recommendation is to select land where the northeast half or solar half is less than the southwest half or lunar half. This geographical location.

Ensures the natural flow of light, solar energy, and polar energy. Overall Vastu principles believe that this type of land brings happiness, good children, and all kinds of success to the residents of the house.
According to Vastu Tips for Buying a New Flat, land obstructed by hills, tall buildings, or towers on the north, north-east, or east side blocks the sun and the rays will be prevented from falling on your property. This is why these types of lands become unpopular. On the other hand, if the barriers are found in the west or south direction of the property, they can help you escape the harmful heat of the sun, making the property a favorable choice and bringing health, wealth, and happiness.

According to Vastu Shastra, for buying a house, land located near power stations or big electric poles in the northeast direction of the plot also brings negative vibrations, which is not good for the family.

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