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Relaxation is the eternal solution to get rid of stress, pain, illness-based discomfort and many other health disorders. Even though the medical consultation, medication and planning the routine according to precautions is recommended during the illness. But, when it comes to holistic healing, traditional therapies act like a magic wand to address the issues naturally. In the case of reflexology, the stimulation of energy points on the feet turns out as the ultimate solution of wellness. Basically, there are few areas of the feet that impact the wellness of other body parts of the body.

Hence, in the session of reflexology, the energy pathways that act as acupuncture are worked over by the spa therapists. In the best luxury spa in Green Park main market, this therapeutic spa treatment is aimed at promoting relaxation, reduces stress and focuses on achieving overall well-being. In this practice, gentle pressure on hands and feet clubbed with the other massaging techniques help an individual in feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Even though reflexology is considered to be the safe practice, it is highly recommended to check with the healthcare professional to check its effectiveness in advance.

Benefits of reflexology

Reflexology is synonymous with the holistic healing as this practice blends the goodness of traditional Chinese practice and ensures the comprehensive therapy to release tension from various body parts. With the multiple health benefits, reflexology proves to be the ultimate powerhouse to attain wellness goals.

Improved circulation

The blood flow gets regulated and improved with the help of reflexology. As a result, the nutrient supply and oxygen delivery to tissues and organs gets boosted. It further implies that increased blood circulation contributes to overall health when toxins get removed from the body. In short, the improved circulation after the reflexology session is beneficial in detoxification of the body and better functioning.

Immune function gets improved

The natural source of optimal functioning and balance of the body, homeostasis gets stimulated through reflexology. Therefore, the immune system is safeguarded when the improved circulation is achieved through this therapy. Most of all, the body becomes capable of preventing infections and illnesses from affecting the individual after undergoing reflexology session.

Helpful in pain relief purposes

When the reflex points are targeted through reflexology therapy, the pain relief benefits can be experience by the person. The health conditions like arthritis, migraine, backpain and menstrual cramps that cause immense pain, are addressed through this natural healing spa treatment. This results in offering the best pain management solution while reducing dependence on painkillers in a phenomenal manner.

Relaxation and reduced levels of stress can be experienced

Relaxation and stress reduction goals are among the top benefits of reflexology that can be explored when certain points of feet are stimulated through gentle pressure. This practice helps in releasing tension, promotes mental well-being and reduces stress. Furthermore, the relaxation influences the physical and mental balance in a positive manner through this therapy.

Detoxification becomes easier

As mentioned before, improved circulation and immunity supports the process of flushing out toxins from the body, thereby, making detoxification easier & efficient through reflexology.

Premenstrual syndrome gets addressed

The PMS symptoms faced by women such as irritability, insomnia, sadness, headache and mood swings are dealt with smoothly when reflexology session is attended at the best luxury spa in Green Park main market.

Improved sleep pattern

There are multiple reasons that cause insomnia and it can affect the balance of life. However, when the reflexology therapy sessions are availed, the sleep pattern is improved as the relevant reflex points are stimulated by the spa therapist.

Difference between reflexology and other massage therapies

It is the target-based approach of reflexology that makes it distinct from the other massage therapies. To be precise, reflexology is a non-invasive therapy that addresses specific health conditions through the stimulation of energy points of the feet. Unlike the regular massage session that involves comprehensive spa treatment considering the whole body, reflexology focuses on the reflex points and targets stretching techniques. To sum it up, the area of focus, techniques and the outcome to be attained through the two natural healing processes make them unique. In case, you are planning to visit the spa for reflexology, make sure the prior consultation and safety assessment with your healthcare specialist have been availed to know if the therapy will work for you!

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