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Experience luxury at Unity The Amaryllis, located in Central Delhi’s Karol Bagh. These opulent apartments elevate living standards with numerous amenities, including a fitness center.

Unity Group was established with a vision to foster transparency within real estate in 1996 and has achieved remarkable success, leaving an indelible mark on Delhi. Now they’re expanding into residential property through The Amaryllis project.

If you are looking to invest in Delhi, opt for The Amaryllis by Unity Group. 

Safe & Secure Environment

Unity The Amaryllis in Karol Bagh, Central Delhi was designed with your safety in mind. Built according to Vaastu Theory and using cutting edge technology, this high-rise building ensures your family stays protected.

The project has also been carefully constructed to withstand earthquakes, following Seismic Zone 5 Standards for construction. Furthermore, an advanced firefighting system and state-of-the-art surveillance system help keep you and your family safe.

Investment in your dream home is a vital decision that requires extensive research. Making Unity The Amaryllis your destination of choice will enable your family to live the highest quality lifestyle possible while leaving an enduring legacy for future generations.

Apartments at this project are thoughtfully designed, offering stunning views of the city skyline from large balconies. Well ventilated, they offer an openness that you’ll relish every day – plus, they are close to some of the top schools, hospitals and attractions of Washington D.C.

Unity Group was established with a vision to increase transparency in real estate in 1996. Since then, they have grown into an award-winning developer responsible for over 20 million square feet of development projects, from luxury residential towers to iconic retail and hospitality spaces.

Luxurious Amenities

Are you searching for an elegant lifestyle with high-end amenities? Look no further! Unity Group’s Amaryllis community in Central Delhi was designed with your comfort in mind, offering access to top schools and restaurants for an enriching living experience.

Gated communities provide numerous advantages, from security to convenience. Green spaces help reduce noise levels and temperature levels – helping reduce stress while increasing mood levels – all of which contribute to living a healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, many recreational activities are hosted within these communities allowing residents to meet one another more easily.

Investment in gated communities can be an excellent way to increase property values, but selecting a quality developer is crucial. A reputable developer should have years of experience and a track record of timely deliveries with transparent dealings that surpass expectations – this will ultimately make your investment worthwhile for both you and your family.

Premium Location

Unity The Amaryllis is an exclusive residential complex situated at the center of New Delhi, featuring high-end amenities and close to landmarks such as Jindal market. Furthermore, this prime development offers exceptional connectivity throughout New Delhi – making it an ideal place for living.

Unity The Amaryllis offers striking high-rise towers designed to be eye-catching and modern, providing plenty of sunlight and ventilation. Each apartment at Unity The Amaryllis boasts smart floor plans, custom craftsmanship, spacious balconies and reduced internal wastefulness – ideal for anyone seeking luxury apartment living in Delhi. This residential community is also great for renting short term.

Unity The Amaryllis offers more than its eye-catching appearance; it is also a safe and secure property. Adherence to seismic zone 5 standards ensures it can withstand earthquakes – an essential consideration when purchasing property in India, where earthquakes are commonplace.

Investment property ownership can be an exciting way to begin your real estate journey, and selecting Unity Group as one of the premier real estate developers in Delhi makes your purchase all the more secure. Their properties offer luxurious features and amenities making them a top pick among prospective home buyers in this market.

Ready to Move Apartments

Make an upscale lifestyle yours when you invest in this newly developed residential property in Central Delhi and take advantage of Karol Bagh’s ready-to-move apartments featuring premium amenities. They are situated in prime city locations for convenient access to major landmarks while offering breathtaking views of both city life and nature.

The Amaryllis is a gated community designed by Unity Group, an acclaimed real estate developer. Since their establishment in 1996, Unity Group has created over 15 million square feet of commercial, retail, hospitality, and residential spaces – as well as building an unsurpassed reputation for quality and trust within the real estate sector.

This project offers four high-rise buildings with luxurious amenities, situated along New Rohtak Road in Karol Bagh and easily accessible via various public transportation services. In addition, this development is close to popular tourist spots like Connaught Place and Rashtrapati Bhawan for added convenience.

Families and young professionals seeking modern homes will find these apartments an excellent choice. Their spacious rooms and contemporary design combine well with their large garden and swimming pool; furthermore they come equipped with facilities such as jogging tracks and gym membership.

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