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Mrs Undercover Movie Review

Star Cast: Radhika Apte, Sumeet Vyas, Rajesh Sharma, and ensemble.

Director: Anushree Mehta

IMDB Rating: 6.9/10

(Photo Credit – Still from Mrs Undercover)

What’s Good: An earnest Radhika Apte trying to weave this tonally confusing movie into a consistent narrative.

What’s Bad: the very confusion that makes the film travel through thriller, comedy, and satire while doing justice to none.

Loo Break: It’s an OTT release, so maybe pause is an option. But in case it isn’t, you can quickly make a run because there is no rocket science on the screen to decode.

Watch or Not?: Strictly if you do not have any other options or don’t expect much from a movie you invest in.

Language: Hindi (with subtitles).

Available On: Zee5

Runtime: 107 Minutes

(Photo Credit – Still from Mrs Undercover)

Mrs Undercover Movie Review

As a reviewer, I would say that “Mrs. Undercover” is a film with good intentions but struggles to find its footing in terms of genre and tone. Written by Anushree Mehta with additional screenplay and dialogues by Abir Sengupta, the film attempts to challenge misogyny and question societal resistance against empowered women. However, it falls short in execution.

Mrs Undercover Movie Review: Story Analysis

The film revolves around a serial killer called ‘Common Man’ (Sumeet Vyas) who targets independent women endorsing empowerment, and Durga (Radhika Apte), the last remaining secret agent tasked with bringing him down. The script tries to blend multiple genres, starting as a thriller, transitioning to comedy, and ending as a satire. However, the tonal shifts feel forced and lack balance, resulting in a disjointed narrative.

Mrs Undercover Movie Review: Performance by Stars

One of the significant issues with “Mrs. Undercover” is the inconsistency in its portrayal of the antagonist. The film opens with brutal killings by the serial killer, which makes it difficult to accept the sudden shift towards comedy when Durga’s character is introduced. Radhika Apte delivers a likable performance as Durga, but the action sequences could have been better.

Sumeet Vyas, in his attempt at playing the villain, appears to be trying too hard and doesn’t fully convince in the role. Rajesh Sharma’s portrayal of the Special Force chief comes across as comical, which undermines the seriousness of the plot.

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Mrs Undercover Movie Review: Direction

Direction by Anushree Mehta partnered with DOP Abhimanyu Sengupta, is visually inconsistent, and the music doesn’t add much to the narrative. Despite some enjoyable moments and Radhika Apte’s performance, “Mrs. Undercover” feels under-baked and fails to find a coherent voice.

Mrs Undercover Movie Review: Conclusion

In conclusion, “Mrs. Undercover” is a film with good intentions but struggles with its tonality and fails to deliver a well-rounded story. It has some enjoyable moments, but the inconsistent portrayal of characters and lack of balance in genres make it a confusing watch. If you don’t have other options or don’t expect too much from the film, you may consider watching it. However, overall, it falls short of expectations.

Mrs Undercover Trailer

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