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The pain may be observed all of a sudden, as a dense stitch at the left side of your lower back. Or it can throb the existence on your other side, becoming severe every day. Irrespective of its accurate location, although, one aspect is sure: back ache isn’t fun—but it’s something foe.

Among the total population, 80% of the individuals in the U.S. will feel a back problem throughout their lifetime, and hence they spend almost $50 billion per year treating it, as stated by the American Chiropractic Association.

Such pain can move from the bones, ligaments, joints, muscles, or a mixture of sources. Routine life also plays a role in back pain. Everything ranging from sports concussions and poor body position to obesity and mental stress might also contribute to back pain.

When the ache is isolated to the left side, though, one individual may wonder about it and feel what exactly is moving on. The pain might show something acute from which an individual’s body will recover itself, or it can manifest a worse condition.

Causes of Pain in Lower Left Back

Here are possible causes of pain in lower left back:

  • Tissue Injuries

Accidents to the spinal parts can occur inside the muscles, joints, and discs, and form the majority of usual reasons for back ache on only one side. They sometimes occur as minor injuries or as an effect of sports or road accidents.
Tissue accidents usually result in aches focusing on the backbone, however, they can cause pain entirely on both the right side or the left aspect of the spine. And of tissue accidents usually, muscle stress is the typical reason for lower back pain on one part.

  • Bone Issues

Arthritis, spinal stenosis, bone spurs, or narrowing of the spinal cord additionally may also end in pain on one side of the lower back. Such pain may move down towards the leg or result in weakness.

Your remedy options by a back pain doctor in Dallas are according to the severity of the issue that affects your daily life: running, sitting, walking, and related activities you have fun doing. Your health expert will explain your optimal remedy options according to the severity of these symptoms.

Remedies may include pain drugs and hot/cold treatment. They may mostly range from physical exercises to surgical procedures.

Keep noticing that during the procedure, finding the accurate treatment that shows effects for your particular back pain may probably take time, effort, and error.

Internal Organ Problems

As you may not observe them with priority, aches on either side of your back arise from the organs present in your middle back, belly, or pelvic location. That pain might identify infection, swelling, or irritation, and the possible affected organs consist of the following:

  • Kidneys
  • Colon
  • Uterus
  • Pancreas

There are quite a few one-sided problems you can have ranging from pelvic or belly systems, but it’s no longer the standard again ache people think about. For example, a kidney stone ache tends to move from the flank down to the groin.

Persistent infection of the big gut, known as ulcerative colitis, also can lead to back aches—accompanying stomach cramping, digestive problems, weight loss, and tiredness, accordingly.

In ladies, pelvic aches from endometriosis or fibroids can move into the bottom right back. This ache often arrives with different troubles, too, such as unusual menstruation, continuous urination, and discomfort during intercourse.

Emergency Symptoms

No individual wants to run to the Emergency Room for a backache, but it’s vital to take left-side backache seriously. Visit the emergency department in case your back ache is worse or in case you trust it may be a sudden call, together with a critical health problem or damage.

You’ll also be required to apprehend if it’s occurring along with different symptoms, including spinal softness, inflammation, or bladder or bowel troubles.

However, emergency signs and symptoms that cause backache don’t always have to do particularly with the back. A belly aortic aneurysm leads to the abdominal aorta to balloon or, in some situations, cause a rupture. In cases where the aneurysm ruptures, there may be often relation with sudden and worse chest pain or abdominal pain moving to at least one side of the back.

It’s crucial to make yourself familiar with emergency signs and search for scientific attention without delay in case you suspect having trouble.


Pain in the lower left side is a general disease and is normally the result of tender tissue damage. The majority of backache can be managed at home and ought to leave in a few weeks.

Having related symptoms like fever or extreme pain that persists for quite several days might be a signal of a greater serious underlying source, such as a disk rupture, contamination, and fracture.

Contact your doctor at pain management in Dallas as soon as possible if you feel your arm or leg numb, or there are any problems as you walk or stand, even if you feel less control over your bowels or bladder.

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